Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hi ! I'm Bob,the owner,and photographer at Personal Touch Portraits

Hi there!

My name is Bob Freukes,and I'm the owner and the photographer Personal Touch Portraits.

This is my first post on my new blog. I just wanted to introduce myself.
I've been photographing weddings in the St. Louis area, since 1976.
I photographed something north of 1200 weddings in that time, and I've learned a lot
but I'd like to share with couples who are engaged in about the married.
In the coming posts, I hope to share insights, information, and handy tips,
to help you plan a great wedding day.

For most couples, this will be the only wedding that they ever plan, budget for,
and try to pull together. It can be a daunting task, and a little overwhelming.
I'd like to try to help.

In the coming posts, I'll try to tell you the things that I've discovered, that can help you get through your wedding day without a whole lot of stress, and frustration.

I'll try to make it interesting, and make it fun to read.

I'll try to cover all aspects of wedding planning, though photography is my specialty.
I've got a lot of funny stories, (and some scary ones),that you might enjoy reading about.
I got some old stuff and some new stuff, and I'll try make it all relatable to planning your wedding.

Thanks for looking in, and please check back about once a week.
I'll try to keep it fresh, and useful to you!


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