Tuesday, September 23, 2014

St. Louis Wedding Photographer and Wedding Party Chased By T-Rex in Kiener Plaza

 St. Louis Wedding Party Chased By T-Rex in Kiener Plaza !

  After seeing various versions of this go viral, I figured it was only a matter of time
before somebody requested this one! 
  Michelle and James wanted to stop at Kiener Plaza last Saturday, for some poses that Michelle had saved on her phone from Pintrest.
   A few shots in, Michelle looked sweetly at me,and asked if she could be chased by the dreaded dinosaur ...
I  had never done this shot before, so I took a minute, and thought it through.
You bet !, I said. Let's set it up. I can do it! 
Are you sure?  She wondered, is that asking too much?
Nope, I replied... mental note to myself... I need to find a reasonably priced T-rex  on Monday...maybe a nice used one    :-)   
Turns out, it was fun to do! So, here it is, Jurassic Kiener Plaza. 

  notice : No brides were harmed or eaten during the photographing of this wedding...
Although I'm not entirely certain, I think I heard Mr.T-rex burping up a groomsman, later that afternoon  !

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